Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello everyone this weekend we had a trip to Ada beach! The trip started with us leaving around 8:30am. We drove to an area of Accra where it meets the Volta region of the country. We arrived at a resort where we were escorted to these small wooden motor boats and were taken to the area were the Volta river meets the Atlantic Ocean! We walked along the beach the exact point where they river and ocean meet and while we walked there were crabs running along the beach, from full grown adults to small babies the size of a quarter running on the beach. Afterwards we went to a separate part of the island where there were palm trees and on one side of the beach was the Atlantic Ocean and on the other was Volta River. I

After about 3 hours we then made it back to the resort guest house and here we had a buffet of local food. I was able to try banku, pepe (type of spicy pepper), tilapia, and other yummy food. After we had dessert we all walked to the pool in the guest house and relaxed. Others played games but I got a nice golden tan. We then were on our way back and we had a very interesting night!

Getting back to our Hostel we discovered that our water and power was out. I then used my bucket and filled it to take a bucket shower in the days to come.  A group of us decided to get food from the market but their lights were out too and they were running out of food to sell.  I just bought a loaf a bread and a coke for dinner. Coming back the lights were on and water but as the night progressed it went out one more time shortly.  It is now Tuesday morning and we haven’t had any problems yet with either.

This coming weekend I will be going to Kumasi at 8am on Friday till Sunday. I will try to update as I am there with pictures and stories. Also, I am reaching the half way point on my trip. After this Friday I will have been here 3 weeks and have 3 weeks left. Time is going by so fast!
Let me know if you have questions!

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